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About IJGT

IJGT is dedicated to promote and develop junior golf across India and has been founded by parents and coaches of junior golfers in 2018.

The primary objective of IJGT is to promote junior golf in India by holding competitive tournaments by playing the International yardage at the right age in the correct age groups & holding training camps with Senior and Junior coaches like Mr. Vijay Divecha and other participating coaches. This will help junior golfers in India to show their abilities, test and develop their character and learn life lessons. We propose to take junior golf tournaments to regions and zones across India to enable more youngsters to participate in competitive golf and to also provide increased International exposure to maximum number of junior golfers.


We firmly believe that the future champions of Indian golf will emerge by providing opportunities and exposure to junior golfers by continually investing their development from age 7 year onwards.


About IJGT


  1.  Our (IJGT) “environment for junior golfers through proper coaching   and officiating tools and techniques, effective motivation, and   appropriate methods taking them to the next and supportive   environment with the help articipating Clubs.GOAL” is to provide   learning facilities and the experience that will enable kids from   every  walk of life to take part in game of Golf and learn correct   values of   game to encourage a positive and favourable playing   conditions.
  2.  Experience skill development, challenges and the joy of   achievement.
  3.  Follow clear pathways for participation and improvement.
  4.  Experience equality of opportunity for all.
  5.  The idea is clear that every activity happening in IJGT will not be   only performance based and will not end by mere participations. An   Analytical approach to rate junior’s performance will be closely   observed. Every junior participating will be made aware of their   standings in the order of merit of IJGT and this will help junior   golfers in India to show their abilities, test and develop their   character and learn life lessons
  6.  A number of factors create or encourage barriers for juniors taking   part in golf. In recognising this, it is important to provide positive   environments by ensuring junior golfers have opportunities to have   fun experiences.


To promote and provide international standards to junior kids, The IJGT is planning to organise an invitational tours where total of 6 events are done annually. The Tour would be take place in EAST,WEST,SOUTH & NORTH ZONES. All the dates for the event will be finalised , keeping IGU calendar 2018-19 in mind and also the vacation period , where kids can focus on the game , have fun and learning’s. 

Participating Clubs Contribution

  1.  At Kalhaar Blue and Greens the juniors get an additional feel of Professional Players like Mr Anirbhan Lahiri , Mr Chikka , Mr Udayan   Mane etc Who will be their motivators, Kids get a one to one   chance  to interact with these celebrities at some time and know   their valuable inputs.
  2.  A parent’s seminar will be conducted during the Tour where, all the   parents will be requested to take a pledge that they support this   initiative and abide by all the terms and conditions which takes the   game of their kids to next level with a professional touch.
  3.  IJGT is trying to associate with USKIDS golf to provide Junior Golfer   an opportunity to participate for International Events like the Junior   World Championship and the Junior European Championships.
Golf Needs You!

Golf Needs You!

Ask any parent who plays golf their favorite moment in the game, and overwhelmingly they will tell you the first time they walked the fairway with their child, witnessed the joy of their son or daughter getting the ball up in the air, or watching them make a putt and break into a great smile. The IJGT believes every parent and child deserves that memory, and we need your help to provide it. The life lessons learned from tee to green are what create special memories and bonds, instill integrity; good sportsmanship; and character, and build confidence that will mean much more than champions on the course – it will create champions at life.

Our mission is simple, but the challenges are great. We at IJGT believe that we can provide that opportunity to all kids who have the passion for Golf but not without your help Together, we can change that. We would like your support by Donating or Sponsoring whatever you can to Promote Junior Golf. We would make sure that we can put a smile on the Junior Golfer and their parents.


What people say about us

Always learning and enriching experience playing GJGT, I look forward with excitement for each & every Tournament. We are consistently subjected to courses that challenge us & force us to think out of the box.

Its been a wonderful experience in all the Tournaments i've played in IJGT & GJGT. Its a gr8 opportunity for all the young players of Gujarat and western India to play on new Golf Courses through these events.